Genesis for the Hopefulost


Welcome to the Genesis for the Hopefulost spring/summer online course.

For a start, please visit the Introduction page and find out what this course is all about, what should you expect, what are its very strict requirements (just kidding!), etc. Read that before anything else.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, do drop by and take a peek at this site’s credo posted here.

This page is where you will find the Genesis for the Hopefulost chronological list of lessons.

Here’s what was published so far:

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Lesson 1.1, Genesis 1: The First Deadication

Lesson 1.2, Genesis 1: Traveling to the Edge

Lesson 1.3, Genesis 1: Om mani numpad Om

Zen-Bible’s Glossary Companion

Lessons 1.4 is coming soon

Lessons Two — Genesis 2:

Lessons Three — Genesis 3:

Lessons Four — Genesis 4:

Lessons Five — Genesis 5:

Lessons Six — Genesis 6:

Lessons Seven — Genesis 7:

Lessons Eight — Genesis 8:

Lessons Nine — Genesis 9:

Lessons Ten — Genesis 10: