Genesis 1

Lesson 1.3 – Genesis 1: Om mani numpad Om

Brace yourselves,  a stifling image is approaching. Not traumatizing for life, no worries, but life unsettling for sure. Lo and behold. What do you see? Could you feel that creeping chill? Sometimes this familiar screen catches me off guard and strikes. It is the moment of hesitation before making a call when it attacks me in its full…… Continue reading Lesson 1.3 – Genesis 1: Om mani numpad Om

Genesis 1

Lesson 1.2: Genesis 1 – Traveling to the Edge

The Jewish tradition of the yearly Torah reading is a cyclic one: From Genesis to Deuteronomy and when that round finishes, one year later, time regresses and you are back in Genesis again: to the fundaments, ground zero, the virgin darkness of the Before, then the shameful array of human errors you have already moved on from. The cycle orders: Moving back is another form of moving on. Utterly puzzled, you start to listen. […]

Genesis 1

Lesson 1.1, Genesis 1: The first Deadication

I recently became an enthusiastic book dedication collector. It’s every writer’s Achilles hill, their most vulnerable part and therefore the part most sincere. A name of a teacher, a beloved, a kindred friend, a son or daughter, one’s parent, an enemy even, singular or plural, whoever the author may choose, it is a declaration of a connection – eternalized; a testimony from backstage that we, the readers, cannot have access to. […]


Welcome, sanghabrahams

Dear newcomers, Sanghabrahams, curious travelers of the Way and courageous wanderers of the astray, I’m Natalie, a striving author and a bible teacher from Jerusalem, somewhere in the middle of the holy land, a condemned seeker of meaning and a devout diver for Life. I wish to welcome you to my space of creative bible explorations, which, if you…… Continue reading Welcome, sanghabrahams