This site was born on a rare moment of time expansion. I have returned from a long trip in the far East, taking a break from work and everything-else in life’s condensed bundle of goodness, and found myself free to fulfill a long-awaited wish of establishing a beacon of potentially transformative bible lessons, powered by a wholehearted commitment to the Art of Present Reading, (and present writing, of course). This site is meant for whoever sees this light, recognizes it, resonates with it and wishes to embrace it as another useful means on his or her Search of Self, of Comfort and of Life.

I laid the conceptual foundations of my current and future courses in my very first introductory post. Make sure you read it – it will clarify a lot. I am also currently working on a Stupa-resembling book, in structure and contents both, an exciting project with a zen-biblical flavor, which I hope to complete and publish in a couple of months. Updates will surely arrive.

The ongoing course these days is Genesis for the Hopeful Lost. Hop onto the intro page right here to find out what it has in store for you.

A Facebook page and a Youtube channel will follow very soon. Meanwhile, look for the “follow” button on the sidebar of this page (or any page) to be updated via e-mail whenever a new post is alive.

I apologize in advance for any grammatical miscues here and there. This is attributed to the fact English is not my native tongue (yet? :)). However, remember! – any deficiency points to a proficiency anchored somewhere else. Do look for mine.

As a teacher I always thrive when peering into the inner worlds of my students, listening to their thoughts, witnessing their unique way of experiencing a text and entering a portal only they can unlock. More specific invitations for your sharing will be scattered along the way, but let me make a general one as well right here: Feel free to contact me at any time, to no expiry. Be kind and kindred. I promise to treat you the same.

Blessed be and have a sweet journey of many newborn bridges,

Natalie Kamil
a seeker of magic and candor, entangled in light; a nomad climbing the steep slope of longing, in search of Home